Movies & Commercials, Fitness Equipment Props

Movies & Commercials, Fitness Equipment Props

Movies & Commercials, Fitness Equipment Props

If you are filming Movies & Commercials in the Greater Seattle Washington or Portland Oregon areas, we have GREAT fitness equipment PROPS for RENT!

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company has been renting fitness equipment props for movies and commercials in the Hollywood area for over 15 years. Now we have added the greater Seattle, WA and Portland, OR to our prop rental areas.

When you need Health Club quality fitness equipment for your film, we are your source for the best props you can RENT by the Day. Great fitness equipment companies like these: LIFE FITNESS, PRECOR, CYBEX, HAMMER, & STAR TRAC. Including, Ellipticals, Treadmills, rowing machines, circuit training, weightlifting, dumbbells, exercise & spinning bikes.

We Deliver, Set-up, Maintain and Remove all of the Fitness Equipment Props we Rent.

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BE-THE-HERO Booklet.

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And a proposal with your monthly pricing.

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