Can Condo Association Rent Fitness Equipment?

How can Condo Association Rent fitness equipment inside their On-site fitness facility?

Condo association rent fitness equipment

Condo Assoc. Fitness Center.

How Can the best condo association Rent fitness equipment?

 Best Condo Association Fitness Centers

The condo association manages the services needed by the condo property and the condo homeowners.  The monthly association fees collected are used to fund the costs of the needed services.

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The condo association’s fitness center is one of those services that is funded by a percentage of the monthly association fees collected.  If the homeowners association agrees to put $19 every month per household, towards the onsite fitness center, that means $2,375.00 is collected monthly for a condo property that has 125 Condo units.

The hard part for the HOA association management team is making the capital purchase or lease, of the fitness equipment.  Also providing the down payment, monthly payments and equipment maintenance with this $2,375.00 collected each month.  

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company provides the best solution for the Condominium Associations fitness center. We offer a true month-to-month rental that rolls over every month you wish to continue with the rental.  This makes it an off balance sheet transaction as no credit is used and no credit check required. We do not require a down payment or deposit.  And only collect the first month’s rental and the cost to install the fitness equipment to get you started.

This is not a lease and you can stop renting at the end of any month’s contract with no fees or penalties.The best part of this monthly rental is that we send in our professional fitness equipment technicians to do the regular maintenance.   And if a fitness machine goes down you make one phone call to our corporate office and we repair it or replace it within 7 business days.  All at our expense.

No more unexpected costs associated with providing and maintaining Health Club quality fitness machines.  Your problems become our problems and your homeowners have regularly maintained Commercial quality fitness equipment just like the machines at the local Gym.

This is why condo associations prefer renting fitness equipment, no more to explain.  

When will your condo association property become another happy client of The Rent Fitness Equipment Company?

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