Aflac Commercial Rents Fitness Equipment

Aflac commercial rents fitness equipment from the Rent Fitness Equipment Company.

Aflac Commercial Rents Fitness Equipment

I get contacted by a Production company that needed to rent fitness equipment for a commercial they were producing. Two people from the production Company came to our facility and we put together a package that was perfect for the commercial.

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It was  interesting to see the types fitness equipment they were choosing.  They wanted this old 1970s fitness machine and we could not figure out why they would want this Old thing.  We even had to paint  the cross trainer machines white. 

We negotiated the rental price and all the logistics.   And the one day rental agreement was initiated.

After our team set up the fitness equipment props inside the movie studio, the film crew got their shot.   We remove our fitness equipment and bring it back to our warehouse.

We never knew that this production company was filming a commercial for AFLAC.

Then month later I see this AFLAC commercial on television and I see this was the the commercial we did a prop rental for.  So I did some checking with our client and sure enough they were hired to film the AFLAC commercial. And they rented the fitness equipment from the Rent Fitness Equipment Company.

You can watch the AFLAC commercial video right here.

After watching the AFLAC commercial I realized why they wanted this old 1970s fitness machine.   It was a perfect fit for the duck.

If you need to make a film, video production or even a photo shoot, in the greater Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon area.

We might have exactly what you need, when you need to set-up a workout room.  A professional fitness center like you see at Health Clubs.


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