3 Reasons Why You Should Rent Gym Equipment

Rent Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment Rentals

You want to read these 3 reasons why you should rent gym equipment.

Because the cost of ownership is much higher than expected and there are many hidden costs that are not in the budget.

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Reason #1.  CYA, is a very important term when running a business.  

Cover Your Ass!

This is why the LIABILITY FOLDER  is so important.   You want to have a digital record of everything that happens with your commercial grade Gym equipment.  From when it was serviced, what was completed during the service, photos of all the equipment in good working order, condition & location in the room.  So “IF” somebody was to hurt themselves in your fitness center,  you have what you need to defend yourself.

(READ MORE about the Liability Folder we create and manage for your company)

Reason #2. You need to know why RENTING Fitness Equipment is different from LEASING.

And what gives you the lowest cost of Ownership, month after month.  By looking at the big picture you can decide what is your best strategy over the next couple years. 













(READ MORE why Renting is different from Leasing.)

Reason #3.You need to see why, in this short video, Renting Gym equipment is the best value for your money.  Right to the point in 20 seconds.

(Watch this 20-second video)

Here at the Rent Fitness Equipment Company we help these Industries provide an easy, safe, and lower cost on-site fitness facility:  

Corporate Wellness, Multi-Family Apartment Properties, Condo HOA Associations, Senior Centers, Hotel’s, Government, Medical Rehabilitation, & Country Club.

Steve Paterson about 3 Reasons Why You Should Rent Gym Equipment

Steve Paterson

Hello I’m Steve Paterson and I would love to speak with you about your on-site fitness facility.  Please call our office at 877-736-8348 or send me an email at Steve@RentFitnessEquipment.com

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