IMAGINE, if you could just Plug-In a Gym with a simple monthly service. 
Fix your monthly expense. Provide a Health Club quality
Gym that serves your business the best. While saving you the
most amount of money. . .

Renting Gym Equipment will make YOU The HERO.


Everything is thought out for you and all you need to do
is provide the people to use your GYM

You’re never concerned with the maintenance, quality, or the REPAIRS of the Gym equipment. 

We take care of the expensive costs of purchasing the Health Club quality gym equipment, all the maintenance, and all the REPAIRS.

Let me ask you a question?  

if You Could Just Plug-IN A Gym With A Monthly Rental. Fix Your Monthly Expenses, And Provide A Professional GYM That Will Serve Your People The Best.  And Save You The Most Amount Of Money.


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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"We started using Rent Fitness Equipment at one of our Corporate locations. Then 2, then 3, and now we use them at 4 of our locations."

Cedrick Parker 
Purchasing Mgr. PEPSICO

"I started Renting Gym Equipment in 2004. Now I use them in 3 of my Hotels. My Gym equipment looks great and it's always working."

Eric Yahyayan
Best Western Hotels

Instead of spending a lot of money buying our Gym equipment. We Rent our Gym on a monthly agreement, at a cost of less than a week's stay in 1 of our Hotel rooms. The Rent Fitness Equipment Company has maintained our equipment, consulted on fitness matters and provided a turnkey service. We started our Rental agreement, August 12th, 2013.

Kiran Patel
Holiday Inn Hotels

"After 3 years of service, our Gym equipment is still getting the job done. We have 200 weekly users and the equipment stays maintained. And when we did have a breakdown it was repaired in a timely manner. And I didn't get a Bill."

Jim Rullo
Jefferson Country Club.

"We started using the GYMS as a SERVICE option on April 25th, 2011 and still going strong. Steve has made it very easy for us."

Morse Husin
St. George Residences

We renewed our 2017 budget which makes 5 years using GYMS as a SERVICE.

Roman Brink
Job Corps

I told Steve I was happy with his Rental Service and it was okay use me as a testimonial. I will continue to seek out his Renting service whenever we need to.

Sarah Techman

The service is great. We will continue to add more Gym Equipment from Rent Fitness Equipment. I even gave Steve some-other condo associations, and he has done the same for them

Ferdinand Boyce
Royal Crest