Credits Film, Movie, Commercials, Video, Photo Shoot Rentals

Credits Film, Movie, Commercials, Video, Photo Shoot Rentals, hollywood film production


Here is a list of our Happy clients that rented short-term for Credits Film, Movie, Commercials, Video, Photo Shoot Rentals.

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  1. Biggest Loser Australia Season #1, 3-Ball Production Company
  2. The Sally Project, 51-Minds Production company
  3. The Bosley Show, 51-Minds Entertainment production company
  4. Bongo’s 11, 51-Minds Production company
  5. Singer for Brett Michael’s
  6. NFC, Not Work
  7. Target Commercial, AVSO   Green Screen treadmills
  8. Event with in Las Vegas, Access West Marketing
  9. American Gladiators, Delivered Sports Arena Hulk Hogan
  10. Americas Next top Model,  Anisa Productions
  11. Nike Commercial, Anonymous  Content
  12. Bongo  VH1, 3 Ball Productions
  13. Photo shoot, Carey Melcher Productions
  14. The Game, CBS Paramount Radford Studios
  15. Chris Rock TV,  Chris Rock Enterterprises, Inc
  16. Private Practice, Columbia Pictures
  17. Gentleman 2, Cris Arego Productions, LLC
  18. Nike Job,    OkayGo in Los Angeles. Curios Pictures  Video
  19. Dark Sky
  20. Days of our Lives
  21. The Great American Beauty, DCTV
  22. The Madden Challenge, E.A.  Games
  23. Nike Project, EPock Films
  24. ESPN, 5 machines for Weight lifting game
  25. Fast and Furious 4, Universal Studios
  26. How I met your Mother, Fox studios
  27. House, Fox Studios
  28. Get Smart, Warner Brothers Get Smart@Warner Brothers
  29. Girls UFC fighting, NBC TV Glassman Media
  30. H.S I Productions
  31. Best Damn Sports Show,
  32. All State Commercial, Harvest Scripted Television
  33. Hell’s Kitchen, Fox TB
  34. A Side Order of Life, Filmed on: Warner Brothers Ranch
  35. Verizon Commercial, Joy Films
  36. Mimi Webb Miller
  37. Army Commercial, MJC Productions
  38. MTV Productions, Wild N Out with Nick Cannon
  39. Passions, NBC
  40. NFL Network
  41. Our House Productions
  42. Playboy TV Video
  43. Help Me Help You, Regency TV
  44. Script to Screen Photo shoot
  45. Subway Commercial Casting Smugglers Commercials
  46. Dorito’s,  Pepsi Commercials Smugglers
  47. Street Gang Films
  48. The Bonnie Hunt Show
  49. The Doctors,  TV Show
  50. The Dolls, 20th Century Fox
  51. Threshold Entertainment
  52. Gatorade Commercials, Tight Productions
  53. Ugly Betty Show, Touchstone Television
  54. In Case of Emergency, Touchstone TB
  55. Barn Dog Productions, Tuesday Films
  56. Ugly Truth Production, LLC
  57. Celebrity Rehab Reality Show VH1
  58. Vicon,  House of Moves  Green screen treadmills
  59. Nip and Tuck TV , Warner Brothers
  60. Without a Trace, Warner Brothers
  61. Speed Racer — Movie Warner Brothers
  62. Notes from the Under Belly, Warner Brothers
  63. Will and Grace, Sony Productions
  64. Fergi, Black eye Pee’s — personal use Will-I-Am-Movie Studios
  65. World of Wonder
  66. Yamaha Corporation
  67. Etrainer, Zamboni Entertainment.
  68. House,  NBC
  69. The Office, Fox studios
  70. AFLAC Commercial  Commercials
  71. Further Adventures of Max & Banks film shoot
  72. Darker Shades of Gray. MB2 Productions. Movie
  73. NFL Network

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