We Love Renting Gym Equipment In Seattle Washington

We Love Renting Gym Equipment in Seattle Washington


Royal crest condo association in Seattle Washington, is a happy client of the Rent Fitness equipment Company.

We have noticed that many smart people live in Seattle Washington. And smart people “Just-Get-It.”

When management’s are first introduced to the Renting as a monthly service, option. The initial responses are;
“We Always Purchase Our Gym Equipment.” or “We Lease it.”

IMAGINE, if you could just plug-in a Gym with a monthly service. Fix your monthly expense, provide a Gym that serves you the best. While Saving YOU the most amount of Money?
You can bring the GYMS as a SERVICE option to your Company
AND. . .
Everything is thought out for you and all you need to do
is provide the people to use your GYM.

You Get the
BE-THE-HERO Booklet.

This booklet will answer everyone's questions and give you the information you need to make the best decision for your Business.

And a proposal with your monthly pricing.

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And my reply is, of course you do. But that does not mean it is the best way to do it. Let me be the first Company to offer you the monthly Rental option to best service the on-site fitness facility inside your Condo association.

Here is how we best serve your association.

I will Rent you Health Club quality Gym machines on a month to month agreement that can be cancelled with only a 30 day notice.

This is not a Lease contract.

Then my professional Gym equipment technicians will come into your on-site fitness facility to do regular preventive maintenance to assure you have SAFE, and productive workout equipment for your Home owners.

When the Gym equipment inside a condo association Gym, is used more than 4 hours per day. It needs regular service and sometimes the Gym equipment will break-down.

Your monthly Rental payment covers all EXPENSES for the repair parts and the technician labor costs for doing the repairs.

The Smart People in Seattle Washington, Just Get It. This is why we Love Renting Gym equipment in Seattle.

Lets take Ferd’ as a smart example. He is one of those smart people living the retired good Life in Seattle. Ferd’ is the HOA resident board member and I could hardly finish my presentation before Ferd’ said.

“I Get It, how soon can you deliver our gym equipment?”

Seattle Washington is one of the fittest and healthiest Business communities in America.   This attitude makes the Rent Fitness Equipment Company successful in Seattle, because of our Mission statement of making the On-site fitness facility, EASY.  And operate at a lower cost.

The business professionals that live and visit Seattle.  Demand a great On-site Fitness Facility available where they work, and where they live.   When they stay in Hotels, and in the office during the long work day.

We Love Renting Gym Equipment Seattle Washington.

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