Get Started Renting Fitness Equipment One Machine At A Time

Renting Fitness Equipment


You can start Renting Fitness Equipment with as little as only one Gym machine.

One of our most popular processes for satisfying new clients, starts with a simple first step.   Some our clients already have an existing on-site fitness facility inside their Business.  They continue to have maintenance and repair problems.  And they get invoices to pay for repair bills that were not in the budget and of course, unexpected.  

But they are not in a situation where they want to GUT all the fitness equipment and replace it with New equipment.

When your on-site fitness center equipment is getting old and breaking down and you have to keep writing checks.  Then it’s time to call The Rent Fitness Equipment Company to quickly replace the few “TROUBLE” machines you are fed up with. 

The best thing You can “Do” right now: Is GET your FREE Presentation packet Brochure.

This Presentation Packet will answer all your questions quickly when you need New Gym Equipment!. This Packet only contains the important information you will need to make the best decision for your Company. Get as many Hard Copy packets as you need for all your decision makers.

We will deliver the top American Health Club brands into your facility.  

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We will put our machines on a month-to-month agreement and we will do all the maintenance and pay for any repairs needed.  Then as more of your machines continue to breakdown, as you know they will.  We’ll deliver another Treadmill, then we bring in another Cross-Trainer.  And over time we continue to upgrade your facility with Rental equipment and you will never have to pay for maintenance again.

You do not have to Purchase or Lease the fitness equipment & you will eliminate all your unexpected costs. 

This is an easy process to get started because you only need to get the monthly cost of the fitness equipment approved.  With a month to month agreement you can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice.  This is not a Lease.




( Video Transcription )

QUESTION: So Steve, what about someone that has equipment already and something keeps breaking?  Can you plan a replacement program?

ANSWER:  Well, here’s how we do it.  Alot of our ways that we get new clients for the the first time is exactly that situation. They’ve got a big fitness facility and they’re not in a situation where they wanna GUT the fitness facility and replace all the equipment.

But they do have a couple of treadmills or one treadmill that has a problem. IT KEEPS BREAKING.  So the next time it breaks they got a bill for $1,800.00 (eighteen hundred dollars), and it just makes no sense to go and pay that $1,800.00 dollar bill.

What they do is they call my Company and I bring one treadmill and I replace that broken treadmill.

I put them on a month-to-month RENT, that includes all the maintenance and all the repair parts for that treadmill. And as their Gym machines continue to break, as you know they do. I just bring in another treadmill, then I bring in cross trainer, then I bring in a bike.

When you see the service that I bring to your business and how I take care of your fitness equipment,

you’ll never wanna stop the Rental option.  And you just gradually replace your fitness facility with more Rental equipment overtime.

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