Leasing Gym Equipment All Costs Included


Leasing Gym Equipment with all the costs for maintenance and repairs INCLUDED, is the most cost effective way to manage your Companies Gym Equipment.


Imagine leasing gym equipment and the monthly price INCLUDES all the maintenance and if any machine was to break-down you don’t have to pay for it?  And then add to that a fixed buyout price at the end of the 36-month lease term.



You can lock in your monthly budget and fix your costs for 36 months and NEVER have even $1 dollar in hidden expenses.  

You know this would be an incredible advantage, running your Fitness Center on a fixed budget!


Rent Gym Equipment.

Leasing Gym Equipment

Leasing Gym Equipment


EXAMPLE:  You pay $989.00 a month for a 36-month agreement.  You get regular preventive maintenance to keep your Gym equipment in good operating condition.  And when a machine breaks you just call in our fitness techs and 100% of the repair costs are taken care of.  Then at the end of the 36 months, you pay $6,200.00 and you own all the Gym equipment.

You can also have the buyout at the end of the agreement be an option.  Giving you the choice to continue with the monthly payments or make an outright purchase and own the Gym equipment.


Try to get a Lease like this from any other vendor.  Their answer will be, “Of Course Not!”

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Traditional equipment leases require YOU, to pay for all the maintenance and all the repairs.  And at the end of the lease term, you pay fair market value for your Gym equipment.  This leaves the buyout cost an open ended expense that is what we call a hidden expense that will be very expensive and you have no control over it.

FIXING your Gym equipment costs for 3 years is UNHEARD of today and we are changing the way business is being done.

Leasing Gym Equipment with a BUMPER-TO-BUMPER Warranty has never been done.


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