Club Acacia HOA Rent Exercise Equipment in Orange County, CA

Rent Exercise Equipment Orange County CA

Rent Exercise Equipment Orange County CA

This is an approved message from Diane Schumaker, Condo association , HOA, President.

As the President of an HOA in today’s economy, it’s paramount that I invest wisely and provide the amenities that will keep our tenants happy. Now more than ever, Condo owners want a professional Fitness Center amenity on their property. In fact, our Fitness Center has been the most popular amenity for our Condo owners. And for that, we can thank

But it wasn’t always this simple. We tried to get a Fitness Center installed, but the initial capital expenditure and maintenance costs were simply too high to justify to the HOA board. Our Condo association did not want to pay tens of thousands of dollars for rapidly depreciating gym equipment.

Then, someone suggested we try renting fitness equipment. At the time, none of us knew that was even an option. Luckily, after a quick Google search, we were able to find

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They helped us find a high-value solution by renting our onsite Fitness Center. They provide us with a simple, single line-item expense in our budget that all our condo owners are happy with. Amortized over the entire HOA, it’s less than $35 dollars per condo each month. And thank you for’s simple, month-to-month contract, we have the flexibility to change as needed.

Our condo owners use the fitness room daily and are very satisfied with the equipment, as it is always in great operating condition.

Diane Schumaker.

HOA President, Club Acacia. Lake Forest Ca.

Rent Gym Equipment as a month to month service. Get Health Club quality gym equipment on a monthly rental. Includes the maintenance and if a fitness machine breaks you do not have to pay for it.  Add this turn-key monthly rental program to your HOA property management.

Rent Exercise Equipment Orange County CA.