Property managers are using Gym Equipment as a Monthly Service to help their clients provide a “Professional” on-site fitness facility.  At the lowest possible operating EXPENSE.


Whether you are managing an office complex, apartment building, condominium HOA, managing your budget with as much built-in predictability as possible is always the order of the day. By establishing a reliable budget, you can maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.

But if part of your budget as a property manager includes maintaining a Fitness Center, then you may find this difficult, as fitness equipment, in particular, treadmills and ellipticals — can be notoriously unreliable and subject to failure. Moreover, selecting the right fitness equipment, along with the proper assortment and quantity, requires extensive knowledge of the fitness industry that most property managers simply do not possess.

Thankfully, has the solution. We rent Health Club quality fitness equipment, on a month-to-month contract, with no long-term commitment. That means we provide you with a single, predictable line-item expense in your monthly budget. If you are not happy with your equipment, you can return it at any time, just as if you were renting a car from Hertz or Avis.

We also take care of all the headaches involved with maintaining a Fitness Center. Selecting, supplying, installing and maintaining commercial-grade fitness equipment is our core skill set. When you start an order, our Fitness Equipment Experts will help you design your entire Fitness Center, based upon budget and space requirements. Once you’ve placed your order, our Fitness Engineers will deliver the equipment to your property and install everything.


We will also perform regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs; thanks to our patented Treadmill Saver technology, we’ll always know when your Fitness Center machines need servicing. Should a machine break down, we’ll have someone there to repair or replace it promptly.


Simply put, we take care of everything, so you can focus on making your business thrive.

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