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Get New Gym Equipment for your Corporate fitness center, on a Month to Month Service.


Imagine providing a “Professional” fitness center for your employees and You do not have to Purchase or Lease the fitness equipment.  You never Pay for maintenance or repairs again.

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Just pay an easy monthly service payment that covers all the cost of the fitness equipment, plus the regular maintenance.  And when it breaks you don’t pay for it !

Get the best Fitness Equipment made in America.  With an automatic maintenance and repair process.  With a simple monthly agreement you can cancel with a 30-day notice.

My name is Steve Paterson and I created the Rent Fitness Equipment Business in 2004. Because I wanted to help Companies just like yours.  I’ve been a Business owner in the Fitness Equipment Industry for 25 years and I know how to do it right, and save you Money.


I Will Not Let You Make The 8 Most Expensive Mistakes.”


This is about Me helping You provide a popular, turn-key, and Safe on-site fitness center for your Employees.


And I will do this at the LOWEST possible operating COST.


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