About Rent Gym Equipment

ABOUT Renting Gym Equipment.

We are in business to help You operate a Popular, Safe, and Turn-Key On-site Fitness Center.

At a LOWER cost of operation!

Our Mission Statement is to make it EASY & less expensive, so more On-site fitness facilities are available to help people who want to live a Healthy Fitness Lifestyle where they Live, Work, and Travel.

Making Great, EASY! 

Easy On-site Fitness Center

EASY Fitness Center

We help people achieve their healthy fitness lifestyle where they LIVE.

By helping Multi-Family Apartments,  Condo Association properties,

and Student Housing.

Where they WORK, by helping Corporate Fitness centers.

Where they TRAVEL and Visit, by helping the Hotel Fitness center, and Senior Centers.

“We only have room for 2 new clients each month.  

So we can be sure to focus our attention on our current clients.”

The best thing You can “Do” right now: Is GET your FREE Presentation packet Brochure.

This Presentation Packet will answer all your questions quickly when you need New Gym Equipment!. This Packet only contains the important information you will need to make the best decision for your Company. Get as many Hard Copy packets as you need for all your decision makers.

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Knowing that commercial Fitness equipment depreciates in value, 70% in just 2 years.  Buying the fitness equipment your Company needs is not an ASSET.  And the ‘COST‘ of ownership is much higher than the cost to purchase the gym equipment.

What Do You Think About Fitness Equipment As A Monthly Service?

Pay a simple monthly service fee and get what you need.  

Without the hidden costs and hassles of ownership?

About Rent Gym Equipment

We hope you GET-IT

steve paterson

Steve Paterson

Hello I am Steve Paterson

I promise to deliver the highest Health Club quality Gym equipment to your fitness facility.

I promise to do the proper preventive maintenance on our Gym equipment to assure safe and productive workout equipment.

I promise to quickly repair a broken machine.

My goal is to serve your on-site fitness facility for years to come and keep your people active and excited about the fitness center you are providing them.

2017 the Year of Corporate Fitness & Wellness

You are going to Love the LIABILITY FOLDER we keep for your Company.

Please move around our website and see WHY this can be the best Solution for your Company.

If you would like me to personally call you and discuss your Company’s needs. Send me an email here:



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The Newest and Most Popular product we have added to help Employee Wellness is the: 

Treadmill Desk Workstations For Employees


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