Fitness equipment price - Package 4

Package 4 $576.00 MONTHLY RENTAL

Equipment Name / Quantity

  • Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmill / 1
  • Life Fitness 95 series upright bikes / 2
  • CMDAP Multi Gym / 1

Rent Small Life Fitness center


We have made the perfect high-quality Life Fitness equipment package for your small fitness facility space.   Small space, no problem.

Rent small Life Fitness center package and keep your clients happy.  Even if you only have a small space you can provide a great high-quality fitness room for your guest, clients or employees.

What you get is a Life Fitness 95Ti model Health Club quality treadmill that will get the job done and keep everybody happy.  Then add in two Life Fitness 95 series Gym caliber upright exercise bikes.  And for the strength training requirements, you get a CMDAP  dual adjustable multi-gym machine.  This is our most popular muscle building machine because it has double weight stacks and can perform over 100 different workout routines.

Let the Rent Fitness Equipment Company help you get the job done at the lowest possible operating expense.

$747.00 MONTHLY RENTALPackage 4