Fitness equipment price - Package 3

Package 3 $646.00 MONTHLY RENTAL

Equipment Name / Quantity

  • Life Fitness 95Ti treadmills / 2
  • Life Fitness 9500 rear drive elliptical cross trainer / 1
  • Dumbbell set with adjustable bench / 1

Rent Life Fitness Gym Equipment.


Businesses all over America are using the Gym Equipment as a Monthly Service to provide on-site fitness facilities to their clients and employees.  It all starts with figuring out how much monthly budget you can get for the Gym equipment, maintenance and repair costs.  Then choosing a fitness center package that meets your budget. Rent Life Fitness Gym Equipment.

Then fill out the proposal request form and get the ball rolling.  This package #3, allows you to Rent Life Fitness Gym Equipment on a monthly service agreement.   And make your fitness center our problem.   

You get 2 Life Fitness 95Ti Health Club model treadmills.   These treadmills have proven to be extremely reliable during high use situations.  These are the Mercedes Bend of treadmills.   You would pay about $8,500 for these treadmills if you had to buy them brand new.

The Life Fitness 9500 elliptical cross trainer is a high-quality Gym machine that can be used 15 hours every day.  This machine works the whole body and will keep your clients happy and fit.  

The rubber dumbbell set comes with an adjustable utility bench that adjusts so your clients can work out all their body parts.  This is a cost effective way to add strength training to your on-site gym.  This dumbbell set has 10 pairs of dumbbells and goes from 5lb to 50lb weights. 

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company is the most cost effective way to operate and provide a high-quality fitness facility for your clients.


$899.00 MONTHLY RENTAL Package 3