Fitness equipment price - Package 6
Star-Trac Life-Fitness Precor Precor

Package 6 $771.00 MONTHLY RENTAL

Equipment Name / Quantity

  • Star Trac PRO treadmills / 2
  • Life Fitness 95 Series recumbent bike / 1
  • Concept 2 rowing machine / 1
  • Precor elliptical V3 / 1

Fitness Equipment Rentals


This is a Health Club quality Fitness Center made up of 4 of the most popular Brands.   Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac and Concept 2.

What you get are 2 high-quality Treadmills, Star Trac 'PRO' Brand, that can be used 15 hours every day to service all of your clients, residents or guests.  Add in a Precor Elliptical Trainer, a Life Fitness 95-series recumbent bike and a World class Concept 2 rowing machine.

This fitness equipment rentals package has been very popular in a smaller fitness center space.  Inside Hotels, Corporate Fitness centers, Apartments, and Condo Associations.

Gym Equipment as a Monthly Service is the New Way on-site fitness centers are providing a high-quality fitness center.

$974.00 MONTHLY RENTALPackage 6