Fitness equipment price - Package 14
Life-Fitness Precor

Package 14 $1,937.00 MONTHLY RENTAL

Equipment Name / Quantity

  • Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmills / 4
  • Precor AMT / 1
  • Life fitness 95 series recumbent bikes / 2
  • Life Fitness 9500 rear drive elliptical cross trainers / 3
  • Dual leg extension / Leg curl / 1
  • Dual Abdominal / low back extension / 1
  • Dual Multi press Chest / shoulder press / 1
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Rent Precor Life Fitness Equipment

This a great rental package includes the most popular Life Fitness and Precor Gym equipment brands.   What you get is 4 x Life

What you get is 4 x Life Fitness 95Ti Health Club quality treadmills.  1 x Precor AMT.  2 x Life Fitness 95 series recumbent bikes.  3 x Life Fitness 9500 elliptical cross-trainers.  Dual circuit machine-leg extension / leg curl.  Dual circuit machine-abdominal / low back.  Dual circuit machine-chest / shoulder press.

This works best inside a larger on-site fitness center.  Keep ll of your clients, guests, employees, residents happy.   Add this professional Gym to your business on a simple month to month service agreement.


$1,937.00 MONTHLY RENTALPackage 14