Premium Pkg. #15


Equipment Name / Quantity

  • 3 x Precor Treadmills w/LCD
  • 2 x Precor Elliptical Cross Trainers w/LCD
  • 2 x Precor Recumbent Bikes w/LCD.
    2 x Precor Upright Bikes w/LCD.
    1 x Concept 2 Rower.
    Chin-Dip Assist.
    CMDAP Multi-Gym.
    Dual Abdominal/Low back.
    Dual Leg extension/Leg curl.
    Dual Multi-Press (chest-Shoulder).
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Precor Fitness Equipment Rentals


Rent a Premium Precor Brand Fitness Equipment Gym package that will up a large Health Club space.  This Premium Precor fitness equipment rental package will help you stand out from the crowd and please all of your clients.

What you get is three Precor Health Club quality treadmills with LCD TV screens.  These treadmills will take care of the fitness needs for all of your clients. 

Add in two Precor Gym quality elliptical cross-trainers with TV – LCD screens for added entertainment value. Plus two Precor recumbent exercise bikes with the added LCD and TV screens.  An additional two Precor upright exercise bikes.


Let the Rent Fitness Equipment Company maintain and repair your fitness equipment for years to come.

$2,391.00 MONTHLY RENTALPremium Package