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Senior Centers

Provide a turn-key Gym on a simple monthly service fee.


Get Health Club Quality gym equipment with all maintenance and repairs included. Gym equipment as a monthly service makes it easy.

We know that your expertise is in the area of management and guidance for your Seniors. When it comes to your Senior Center fitness facility we are your best partner.

RENTING The Gym quality fitness equipment you need on only a month to month agreement. That Includes all the maintenance and the repairs are always free.

MAKE Your Senior Center Fitness Facility our problem. Let us pay for the huge upfront costs of the Gym machines. Let our professional fitness equipment technicians do the regular maintenance of your equipment.

Senior Centers are the Key component to taking good care of our Baby Boomers. The Rent Fitness Equipment Company has a mission statement of helping senior centers make their on-site fitness facility EASY, and turn-key.

So more Senior Centers will offer the best fitness center for their Senior members.

Once your Senior Center fitness equipment is being used 4 hours or more each day. You have a Commercial fitness center.

A commercial fitness center requires regular preventive maintenance of the gym machines.

You Will Love The Liability Folder We Keep For Your Senior Center.

The Senior Centers serve 2 Generations. The Silent-Generation made up of depression-era babies who are aged between 69 to 89 years old. And the Baby-Boomers aged from 50 to 68 years old.

We serve Senior Centers in Seattle, Spokane WashingtonReno Nevada, Boise Idaho, Phoenix Arizona, Portland Oregon, Dallas Texas and California.

The best thing You can “Do” right now: Is GET your FREE Presentation packet Brochure.

This Presentation Packet will answer all your questions quickly when you need New Gym Equipment!. This Packet only contains the important information you will need to make the best decision for your Company. Get as many Hard Copy packets as you need for all your decision makers.


Request your FREE Senior Center Fitness Assessment to get a professional opinion on your needs and monthly costs required. Based on your facilities demographics, fitness room space, and the number of clients you serve.

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