Rent Gym Equipment


Rent Gym Equipment


Rent Gym Equipment as a Monthly Service.


It’s like leasing, but with all the maintenance and repairs INCLUDED and you can cancel with an EASY 30-day notice!


I know you DON’T want to Rent Gym Equipment or Buy Gym Equipment, or Lease Gym Equipment!  All You want is a hassle-free, low-cost Fitness Facility for your Company.


The fine details are your Problem! 


I know that, and I’m here to help you with the “Pain-In-The-Ass” part of providing a popular on-site Gym that satisfies your clients or employees.


I have been helping Companies operate fitness centers for 30 years

and I know how to help you save money!  


I have never met a Company that was happy with managing the maintenance and repairs of the Gym equipment.  Even though you hire “Fitness Techs” they are not looking after your best interests.

Fitness Techs LOVE IT When Your Gym Equipment Breaks!  


Because their income depends on it.  You pay for preventive maintenance and your Gym equipment still breaks and falls apart. You spend the money and you keep getting “BILLS” to keep your equipment working properly.  And the sad news is you have NO-IDEA how much money you are losing every year.  

You don’t believe me?  Ask your accountant to add up all the money you wasted last year on service contracts and repairs.  You will be shocked.


You try to establish a yearly budget but it never works out.  

The hidden costs are frightening and it never ends.


Next, I’m going into the details of HOW we manage your Fitness Facility.  If you want to save time just fill out the form to get our complete “Presentation Packet” sent to you by FedX.  Then share this knowledge with all your staff members involved with your Gym.  Just click below and fill out the form.  Or keep reading.

IMAGINE, if you could just plug-in a Gym with a monthly service. Fix your monthly expense, provide a Gym that serves you the best. While Saving YOU the most amount of Money?
You can bring the GYMS as a SERVICE option to your Company
AND. . .
Everything is thought out for you and all you need to do
is provide the people to use your GYM.

You Get the
BE-THE-HERO Booklet.

This booklet will answer everyone's questions and give you the information you need to make the best decision for your Business.

And a proposal with your monthly pricing.

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The most important decision to make is when you order the Gym equipment for your facility.  Since you are not in the Gym Equipment business how are you supposed to know which “MODELS” have proven to be the most reliable?  You don’t!

You have to rely on the sales rep sitting in front of you

and all he cares about is his commission paycheck.


I have years of experience and I know what models hold up the best under heavy use.  My business success depends on it. Next, is “OUTSTANDING” preventive maintenance.  This is required to make sure your fitness machines don’t break.  You will not get this from the guy trying to sell you.

Once you have reliable gym machines in your facility, then maintenance is VITAL.  The fitness service techs love it when your machines break because that means more money in their pocket.

My Company has to pay for the repairs when your gym machines break.  

That’s why it’s important to ME to do “OUTSTANDING” maintenance.  

Every maintenance visit we keep track of how many miles and hours are recorded on each machine.  This is important because some machines get 400% more use based on where they are located inside your facility.  

This means that certain pieces will get “HAMMERED” and will wear out faster.  So we rearrange the positions of the machines inside the Gym based on this.

The most used machines get moved to where the least used machines are.  

We actually move the Gym pieces around to make sure no machine gets worn out. 

Your Treadmills create an electromagnetic current when operating and this draws the dust from the air into the treadmill, under the treadmill and in between the running belt and deck. This will cause all sorts of problems.  So we vacuum underneath every treadmill on each visit.  And remove the dust accumulation from under the running belt.


Our secret weapon for treadmills is “Treadmill-Wax.”  This goes under the running belt every 150 miles that a treadmill is used.  The Treadmill manufacturers like to tell fitness techs they do not need to use this wax because their running belts are self-waxing.  REALLY?  The truth is that properly used treadmill wax can increase the lifespan of your treadmill belts 300%.

I Learned This From First-Hand Experience!

Because treadmills are the most expensive to purchase and maintain we give them the most attention.  We take an AMP reading on every maintenance visit to test how hard the treadmill motor is working.  There are a few reasons for this, but when we see the AMP draw increase we know what to do.  


And we do it BEFORE it causes the electronics to burn out.  

Which brings a very expensive repair bill.

When it comes to your other gym equipment like the elliptical cross trainers, bikes, stair machines, and rowers.  We actually upgrade the chains and bearings to meet our stringent requirements.  Because the Companies that make the gym equipment love it when you have to pay for repairs. But we hate it.

I have made recommendations to the Gym equipment manufacturers based on my experience out in the field. And they ignore my suggestions.  

I compare this to automobile tire manufacturers. I know there are tires invented that will never wear out. But they sure don’t want to put them on their cars!




I know you get my point by now. Let’s look at your BIGGEST problem, LIABILITY!

Rent Gym Equipment is the only service I have ever found that helps you reduce the chance of getting SUED!  I know you hate to hear that word, but in America, it is a reality.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company takes this issue seriously and is our most popular service we provide for YOU!  We create a “LIABILITY FOLDER” for your facility, let me explain how it works.

The day we install our gym equipment into your facility we make sure all the equipment is positioned in the safest manner.  Then we take photos of all the machines inside your facility.  These photos are dated and show that your facility is set up SAFE for the users.

All this data is saved in a Google drive folder for you.  Then on every maintenance or repair visit, we log what was done.  Take photos of the process.  Include a dated, detailed report.  Then we photograph all the gym equipment on EVERY visit.  This is saved in your Google drive digital folder.

Now we hope you never have to access this folder.  But when a person reports they hurt themselves while working out.  Your attorneys will be very happy to have it. 

It proves that regular preventive maintenance has been performed.

And performed properly with all the details.

The Rent Gym Equipment process makes it easy for your accounting department.  We offer what we call, an off-balance sheet transaction.  

This is not a Lease, but a true monthly rental that auto renews every month if you do not cancel. No credit checks or financing required. So accounting only has to approve a monthly budget that covers all the costs of the Gym equipment, maintenance, and all the equipment repairs.

No More Hidden Expenses!

I hope you order your FREE “Presentation Packet” so you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your Company.  

I have finished what I wanted to share with you.  You can stop reading now.  Below is just a little more information that does not add any more value to this article.

Thank you for your attention.


People often ask: What are the benefits to renting gym equipment. While there is a host of benefits — the one that stands out most is as follows: Simplicity.

Gym equipment rentals are simpler than purchasing. It’s really that basic. Gym Equipment, especially commercial quality fitness equipment, is notoriously difficult to maintain. It requires years of experience, not to mention hours of service, special tools, and handling, and potentially days or weeks of out of service machinery. If you run a top end hotel fitness center or a great gym in your apartment complex, you simply cannot afford the time or expense to your business that having an out of order fitness center will cost.

And that’s why we love to rent gym equipment. It’s a product we can really stand behind. We take away all the headaches so that you can focus on growing your business.

And here’s the best part: Even our gym equipment rental process is simple. Unlike our competitors, we do not require any long-term contracts or onerous commitments. All we ask is that you abide a simple, month to month contract. If you aren’t happy with our services, you may cancel at any time. It really is as simple as that.

And when you do sign with us and decide to rent gym equipment — we make your life so easy you’ll never want to stop using our services. We install, maintain, repair, and replace all gym equipment. That means you NEVER have to worry about your fitness center again!

It’s an easy, turnkey service that can have you off and running in just a few weeks when you rent gym equipment with us.

Fitness Made EASY.


Rent Gym Equipment on a month-to-month basis, with FREE maintenance, & repairs, forever.


Contact The Rent Fitness Equipment Company to start the conversation to see how we can help your Company too.

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