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Rent Life fitness Gym Equipment.


This is a small gym with Life Fitness brand equipment.  This is an apartment multi-family client with a very small Gym space.   Since this property had never had the money to offer a fitness facility the residents are very happy with what they got.  If you have a very small space and a very small budget then this fitness center is right for your property.


What you get are 2 Life Fitness brand health club quality treadmills.  These treadmills can be used for 15 hours every day.  Next, we put in a Life Fitness brand upright bike.  And a Concept 2 Rowing machine.

PRESTO, an instant fitness center at a low monthly cost with no worries because all the maintenance and repairs are included.

Let the Rent Fitness Equipment Company put together the perfect fitness center that meets your low budget and satisfy your residents.

$676.00 MONTHLY RENTALPackage 1