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Holiday Inn Hotel Fitness Center Rent Gym Equipment:

Rent Hotel Fitness CenterThis year, our Hotel is averaging 95% + capacity!  We could not make this statement 5 years ago.

IMAGINE, if you could just plug-in a Gym with a monthly service. Fix your monthly expense, provide a Gym that serves you the best. While Saving YOU the most amount of Money?
You can bring the GYMS as a SERVICE option to your Company
AND. . .
Everything is thought out for you and all you need to do
is provide the people to use your GYM.

You Get the
BE-THE-HERO Booklet.

This booklet will answer everyone's questions and give you the information you need to make the best decision for your Business.

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And it’s all thanks to the infrastructure improvements we’ve invested in – not the least of which is our professional Hotel Fitness Center. Without our great Hotel Fitness Center, it was not possible to compete for the lion’s share of guests – particularly repeat business travelers – 85% of whom want a hotel that provides professional fitness facilities.

Gym Equipment as a Monthly Service is the New-Way Hotels provide a professional Hotel Fitness Center for their guests.  At the lowest possible operating cost.

At first, we thought we would just purchase the gym equipment and install it ourselves. But after consulting with other Hotel operators, we realized there would be many issues with hidden costs related to the maintenance and repairs of the Gym equipment.

We found, and they solved our on-site fitness center problems.

Instead of spending a large amount of money buying our Gym equipment that would break and depreciate quickly. We now rent an entire gym on a month-to-month agreement that includes the repairs and the maintenance.

At a monthly cost of less than a week’s stay in just one of our many rooms. This simply is a great deal.

Over the years, has maintained and replaced our aging equipment, consulted on fitness questions, and provided a reliable, friendly service.

And thanks to our Hotel Fitness Center – our business has grown!

Kiran Patel, managing partner.

Holiday Inn Hotels.

RENTING the Health Club quality fitness for your Hotel fitness center amenity just makes sense.

Rent Health Club quality Gym equipment on a monthly agreement that includes the regular equipment maintenance & all repairs are FREE.

Make your Hotel fitness amenity our Problem and reduce your liabilities with your Fitness Center Liability folder we create, manage and save for your Company.

What do you think about Fitness Equipment as a Service?

Pay a simple monthly service fee and get what you need without the hassles and hidden costs of ownership.

Contact The Rent Fitness Equipment Company to start a conversation so you can see how we can make your hotel fitness center amenity EASY.  For the same price as you get to rent a single hotel room for just one week.


Do NOT Make the 8 Most Expensive Mistakes.

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Your Hotel must have an On-Site fitness center to serve your guests. But your hotel managers do not know how to do it right.  They are trained in Hotel management that does not teach them how to manage a hotel on-site fitness amenity.  We know how to do it right.  Make your hotel on-site fitness amenity our problem.

RENT Treadmills, Elliptical Cross Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Rowing machines, Strength Training Circuit Machines.

We only Rent the most popular Health Club Brands: Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac, Technogym, and Cybex.

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